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Features of the CRM Software

CRM or customer relationship management is used for business processes such as sales, technical support, and even marketing. It can be used by both small and medium sized business. It enables companies to have an effective relationship with their customers. The crm software help companies to maximize their profit. To select the appropriate software, you should know the CRM functionality and features. Not to worry if you do not know the features. Here are the features of the software that will make it easy to choose the appropriate one.


Customer service

laptopYour customers should be your priority. Therefore, you have to make sure that you treat them with care.   When it comes to customer service, CRM offers you incident tracking, knowledge base, call center and analytics. Incident tracking enables you to keep track of the complaints that have been issued by your customers; it helps you to offer the best customer service.

The knowledge base is meant to assist clients with any information they want without contacting support for help. Analytics help you to tailor your support to improve the way your employees handle customer issues. When you have the best customer service, you are guaranteed of getting repeat clients.


CRM offers you different kinds of integration like email integration, social media integration, applications among other integrations. You do not have to worry about losing an email communication thanks to the email integration. Using social media integration allows you to engage with your customers on Twitter and Facebook. The ability to use mobile applications ensures that you provide your clients with a pleasant experience. They can check updates about your product n their mobile phones.


You can use CRM to perform a variety of marketing tasks such as email marketing, campaign management, lead management, and reporting. You can easily send bulk emails to your customers to inform them of your product. Campaign management makes it easy for you to manage your marketing campaign. You should also be able to track your sales using CRM software.

Project management

black keyboard Product management is an aspect of any business. Through product management, you can develop projects that include the contact information of your customers. Therefore, CRM software enables you to come up with marketing events that meet your customer requirements. Some of the project management features that CRM software should have include budgeting, developing contact list and integrated scheduling. The best software should enable you to analyze data and use the information to improve your customer experience