Owning a car is a pleasurable experience. But when you buy your first car, it is essential that you learn a few tips on how to drive, care and maintain your car. Car maintenance is not expensive or difficult, all you need to do is find a qualified mechanic. A good mechanic should know all the problems that a car can develop. He or she should also help you with servicing, which includes, changing filters which are small devices which eliminate engine contaminants, braking pads, and engine oil. A mechanic should advise you on how to utilize engine performance while saving on fuel consumption. When you have all this covered, then you are sure to enjoy driving your car for longer. However, when buying a new car, it is essential that you choose a brand that you can be able to maintain without affecting your daily expenses. If you already own a car and want to know how to get the original spare parts, then written here are some tips to guide you.

Car brand

You should know your car perfectly for you to get the correct spare parts. There are many car manufacturers available. Therefore, before you buy that car, you need to select one from a brand that you can easily access spares in your city. There might be more pleasure in buying an exotic car, but once it has developed a mechanical failure, it will cost a lot of money for you to get it back to the road.oilfilters111


Car manufacturers are now offering customer care services using online platforms. That is why the internet has become the best avenue for sellers to connect with buyers. Using the internet, you can contact your car manufacturer or spare part shops in your city and find that specific oil filter you want for your car.


The good old word of mouth referral is still among the best ways to get a store or mechanic who can help service or repair your car. When someone you know and trust refers you to a mechanic or a spare part store, you can easily trust the spares and the mechanic. A good referral can save you the trouble of finding a mechanic.oilfilters

Brand outlets

The best part of buying a car from an established brand is that established companies have their spare part outlets shops in many major cities. With all these outlets it is easy for you to find the original spare parts for your car.