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Hair Smoothing Process


Are you one of those who felt exhausted because of your fizzy hair and it took an hour to get them in shape before you could leave for work? If you are struggling with your dry, dense, unmanageable hair, then walk up to a salon and get a hair smoothening done. You must have also heard or read that hair smoothing cause more dry hair and make it worse, and hence I have brought all the possible information including procedure, side effects and how long the treatment last so continue reading.

Some times there is a confusion between hair smoothing processĀ and hair straightening. Straightening has one extra step in the whole process which gives you poker straight hair- it is 100% straightening but smoothing is somewhat 70-80% straightening, and it looks more natural.

Procedure of Hair Smoothing Process

  • Hair SmoothingFirst, the salon would wash and condition your hair.
  • A stylist will then apply a straightening solution to the hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes. The cream is responsible for making the hair straight.
  • Wash off the cream and blow dry the hair.
  • The stylist then straightens the hair and flat-irons it at a high temperature.
  • Apply another cream for another 15- 20 minutes to seal the effect of ironing
  • Wash off and then blow dry the hair and its done.

Immediately after the Hair Smoothing Treatment

  • Do not wet your hair for three days and also you are not supposed to tuck/pin/tie your hair in any way.
  • Salons will also advise you not to use hair oil for about 15 days post the smoothing process.
  • While sleeping keep your hair straight.

Three Days after the Hair Smoothing Procedure

  • After three days, you can shampoo your hair and leave the conditioner for longer than usual.
  • Avoid hot water while hair washes as it will strip the tresses of moisture.
  • Use toothed hair comb to clear the strands. DONOT use a hair brush.
  • Apply hair serum as this protects your hair from sun, dust, and pollution
  • Get hair spa done as that adds vitamins to your hair and replenishes the nutrients lost during the chemical treatment.

Side Effects

Some keratin products contain formaldehyde which can cause problems like a headache, skin rashes and teary eyes in one is continuously exposed and work with it regularly. Ensure you use a salon that is well ventilated. You can also try other products that swap out formaldehyde for mild ingredients. Search for the exact name of the product used in the salon and look for material safety information.

How long does it last?

hair colorsSmoothened hair retain their form till they are cut off. The new hair that grows out from the roots will have your natural texture wave/curl, but the once smoothened will remain the same. Depending on your hair growth and the quality of hair, it can last for 6-10 months.

Do look for a well-reputed salon so that they cannot mess up with your hair by using low-quality products and with the above checklist, I am sure you will be able to maintain long lasting shiny and bouncy hair.