What to Know About Buying Neopoints

Neopoints is the term that is used to describe the type of currency used in the popular virtual game called Neopets. Neopoints are used as a user’s bonus purchase balance. These points typically aid the user to increase his or her profits without spending any money from his or her pocket. You can get Neopoints by playing games, or by doing some specific tasks that you do for free. However, a cheat that is common in gaining the Neopoints is by purchasing them with your real money. You may choose to buy the Neopoints instead of having to play the Neopets games for hours and hours. Buying Neopoints is one of the safest and easiest ways of cheating in this game. In this article, we tackle on discussing some things you may want to know when buying Neopoints.

Critical points

What not to Do when Purchasing Neopoints Online

game stickOne rule of thumb that you need to know before buying the Neopoints is that you should never try to discuss the selling or buying of Neopoints when you are inside Neopets. This is because this act of discussing the selling or buying may result in something you may not be in agreement with. Discussing the buying of the Neopoints may result to; silencing one’s account, TNT that is giving you a warning or even giving you a free pass to freeze land.

Where to Buy Neopoints Online

If you are a beginner in buying Neopoints online, and you do not have someone who can recommend you on where to buy, the points fear not for we will try to show you the tips on choosing a buying and selling site for the Neopoints. First and foremost when entering the web page of a site that sells these points, try and look for the date the website was created and also any clues that may suggest that the website has been in the market for a long time. As the adage states; Old is Gold. Try to avoid purchasing the Neopoints from a new site right away. A good website to buy the Neopoints is one which already has a reputation and has good customer and comments reviews and ratings.

Transferring Bought Neopoints

NeopointsOnce you have bought the Neopoints that you want, the points will be sent to your shop or either sent by the TP or a shell account. A shell account is an empty type of an account that is aged. This account type is used by people to store Neopoints or ETS. The advantage of transferring your Neopoints to a shell account is for the purpose of giving you a place to hold on to your Neopoints before moving them to a Permanent account.