After making a choice to buy a cat tree, there are many choices to choose from. Some affordable cat trees can be found for a few coins but the best of the best; you will need to spend hundreds of dollars. But it’s worth it. The best are the best for a reason. You can see the article that tells you about the best cat trees and condos from the web. They are built with high-quality materials and don’t need to be assembled. They are big, heavy and sturdy. And that is a good thing.

The best cat trees and condos

They are built with good quality wood.

Cat TreesThe poles in the structure are usually made with solid wood poles, such as solid pine. The poles run the entire length or height of the tree and are not modular; they are one solid piece. The rest of the tree is built around these poles, and the non-modular design gives the trees a very solid feel, they feel like one piece.

Covered with high pile carpet

Once the structure is built, the entire cat tree frame is covered in a high pile carpet. This is usually a thick, soft and durable carpet. It will stand up to cat abuse like no other covering material. The carpet is attached to the wooden frame, on all surfaces, even the underside. Which brings me to another point regarding quality. You should not be able to find any seams or any bare wood; even on the bottom of the platforms, in the highest quality cat trees.

No chemical smells

You will want to find something that is made from all natural materials, at least as much as possible. Cat trees made from pine wood, carpet and natural sisal rope will be your best bet for no chemicals, but you’ll also want to check on the reputation of the manufacturer too before you make the final call.

Cat TreesPick the best model

It’s best to take a look at many different models, and you’ll start to see consistencies in the differences yourself. Don’t hesitate to be patient; you want the best for your cats. And you want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase in the long run because this is a piece of furniture that is going to be in your home for a while.

Cat trees condos should also fit the decoration of your home.

If you buy, for instance, a cat tree furniture which is small and can be placed anywhere in your house, try putting some additional features made of the same material around the area but let the tree stand out.