Unique Poncho Designs for the Year 2016

A poncho is a type of garment that has been worn by people for hundreds of years. The clothing is known to have originated from the culture of the South American people especially the Mexican people. This is because the poncho is usually considered an iconic Symbol by the Mexican people. This type of garment which has been around for hundreds of years is made of a thick piece of woolen cloth. The woolen cloth has a slit which is located in the middle for the head of the individual wearing the garment. Over the past fashion years, there have been many designs that the garment has had. Discussed below are some of the common unique Poncho 2016 designs discussed in detail.

Common designs

Welty Poncho

woman wearing Welty PonchoThis is a type of poncho design that is made of two strands which are of Tahki Tara Tweed. The Strands are normally held double. This garment has two rectangles that have been sewn together and have been joined at the yoke of the poncho. From afar, this poncho looks well as a honeycomb-patterned poncho.

Gracie Square Fringed Poncho

This a type of poncho design that is jazzed up with some cool fringe. This is a type of modern poncho that can be dressed up either with a blouse and a skirt or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This poncho comes in the sizes; Small/Medium that is large/XL, 2X/3X. The finished measurements of this garment are as follows: a folded width of 23.25 and a length of 23.25.

Christie Poncho

This is a long-line poncho that has been worked in a Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. This type of poncho design has been knitted in one piece. The poncho garment a cable neck trim and a ribbed outer body feature. This Poncho comes in the Sizes of S-M (L-XL, XXL). It is designed to fit ladies with a bust of 32-38 (40-46, 48-50) respectively

3035 Poncho

Japanese woman 3035 Poncho is a Poncho from Plymouth. The varied stitch patterns evident in this poncho usually make this garment cozy and also texturally interesting. The knit type of this poncho is generally in Tuscan Aire. This design of Poncho style was first published in March 2016. The gauge of the garment is; 14 stitches with 20 rows which equal to 4 inches. The sizes available for this 3035 Poncho design are sizes to fit height: Average/Petite, Tall Length: 20’’, 22 Length, with a Width of 36 “, and 45 width size.